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Code of Conduct

The institution attaches top most priority to the discipline, which is a basic requisite for conducive academic atmosphere. Besides the members of College Discipline Committee, members of teaching and non-teaching staff closely monitor the behaviour of college inmates. The students are advised to adhere to following rules during their stay in the institution: Ragging is strictly prohibited and any student indulging in this unlawful activity will have to face cancellation of his/her admission from the institution. Only the students possessing a valid Identity Card of the institution are allowed inside the campus. Students should present their selves in a formal attire while attending the institution. Cell Phones are completely banned, the students are advised not to bring any cell phone, computers, laptops or cameras to the institution. Students getting private vehicles should register their vehicle numbers with the institution. Smoking or carrying toxic substances shall invite a strict disciplinary action. No student is allowed to take law in his own hand. In case any student has a grievance, this should be addressed to in charge of the grievance cell or the Head of the institution.