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The Department of Information Technology (IT) offers a graduation course to provide students with expertise in the development and use of computer systems and quantitative modelling techniques for solving business problems and making managerial decisions. Our students learn the necessary information technology (IT) and computing skills, plus quantitative and modelling techniques, to develop and implement sophisticated business-related computer systems. The degree program especially focuses on the practical application of computing to business problem-solving. Students majoring in Business Information Technology may choose one of the two options reflecting their specific career objectives and interests, Decision Support Systems and Operations Management.

Information Technology is indispensable to successful Knowledge Management if it leads to Research and Innovation.


Imparting technical knowledge through innovative teaching and research for budding professionals. To equip the students with strong fundamentals, programming and problem-solving skills with an exposure to emerging technologies and inculcate leadership qualities with a passion to serve society.


The Department of Information technology has more than 30 PC/workstations running a variety of operating systems including Linux, Microsoft Windows and Solaris. The entire building including the other Buildings such as Library, the Browsing centre and Information Technology LAB are covered by the department’s network. The department infrastructure and users are protected by firewalls and e-mail virus/spam scanners. Faculty, staff, and graduate student computer accounts in the Computer Science Department are not limited to a single machine. A user’s files are available to all these machines through the use of NFS (Network File System) software, so it is unnecessary to move files from one computer to another to access them.


Dr. Wasim Akram ZargarPhDAssistant professor
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B.Sc.  with Information Technology
The course is accredited by Kashmir University, Srinagar.

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