The Department of Anthropology, established in 2023 at GDC Sopore, operates under the School of Sciences and holds affiliation with the University of Kashmir, Srinagar.

The department currently offers a range of courses to undergraduate students, adhering to the guidelines set forth by the National Education Policy (NEP), as prescribed by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the University of Kashmir. These include Major, Minor, and Multidisciplinary courses in Anthropology.

Students enrolled in the department engage in comprehensive study across biological, socio-cultural, and archaeological anthropology. This encompasses exploration into the origins, evolution, and diversity of the human species, as well as its interrelations with other primates and various cultural phenomena. Additionally, students delve into the examination of both traditional and contemporary cultural expressions, civilizations, and the historical development of cultures. Practical components of the curriculum include field studies and laboratory work, facilitating hands-on learning experiences. The curriculum also emphasizes the acquisition of research skills, encompassing the design, methodology, and ethical considerations inherent in anthropological research. These competencies equip students with the necessary tools to engage in rigorous academic inquiry and contribute to the field of anthropology.

Presently, the department is staffed by one permanent faculty member dedicated to providing quality education and guidance to students. The department’s intake capacity consists of 40 students in Major course and an additional 40 students in the Minor course.


The mission of the Department of Anthropology at GDC Sopore, is to explore the rich diversity of human cultures, societies, and behaviors through rigorous academic inquiry, research, and fieldwork. We are committed to providing students with a comprehensive understanding of anthropological theories, methodologies, and critical thinking skills, enabling them to comprehend the complexity of human experience and contribute to the betterment of society. Our mission is to foster an inclusive and globally minded community of scholars dedicated to advancing anthropological knowledge and addressing contemporary social challenges.



The Department of Anthropology envisions itself as a pioneering center for anthropological research, education, and community engagement. Our vision is to be at the forefront of interdisciplinary scholarship, promoting the application of anthropological insights to real-world issues. We strive to empower students to become compassionate and culturally sensitive individuals who can navigate diverse social contexts, engage in respectful dialogue, and contribute to the creation of a more inclusive and just worl


Name: Dr Ubaid Ahmad Dar

Qualification: PhD, NET JRF, GATE

Designation: Assistant Professor (HOD)

Contact: 9596402565, [email protected]


Recent Publications by the Faculty

Title: Ethnoarchaeology of Pastoral Transhumance in Kashmir Himalayas (

Journal: Journal of the Anthropological Survey of India

Author(s): Dar, U.A. & Das, M.

Date: 2023

Title: Ethnographic Account of the Bakarwals of Jammu and Kashmir

Journal: Indian Journal of Anthropological Research

Author(s): Dar, U.A. & Das, M

Date: 2023

Title: Covid-19 Pandemic in Pastoral Contexts: reflections from the Northwest Himalayas

Journal: The Eastern Anthropologist

Authors: Dar, U.A.

Date: 2021

Faculty Details:

Dr.Ubaid Ahmad DarPh.DAssistant Professor ubaiddar19@