1. The Library is primarily for the use of students, scholars and faculty members. The non-teaching employees and technical staff of the University may also become members of the library.
    2. To become a member, an applicant must fill in the Library Membership form and submit it through proper channel to the Central Library for consideration.
    3. The privilege of borrowing books from the Library is restricted to registered library members only.
    4. Members must show their Library Card on entering the Library, while borrowing books and at any time if asked to do so by the Library Staff.
    5. Bags, briefcases, handbags, parcels, or other belongings (except laptop) are not allowed inside the library. Such articles are to be left in the property counter provided in the library. Users are advised not to keep their valuables in the property counter. The library accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage of any articles so left.
    6. Smoking, eating, drinking, sleeping and talking loudly are strictly prohibited in the Library.
    7. Mobiles phones are to be switched off or kept on silent mode in the library.
    8. Strict silence, decorum and discipline must be maintained in the Library.
    9. The following is circulation limits for different categories of users
    Type of User               Max. No. of Books     Loan Period
    Students (UG)                          2                        15 Days
                                                   PG/Integrated Students                       4                        15 Days         
                                                   Faculty Members                      3                        30 Days
                                                   Administrative Staff                2                        30 Days
    10.  Borrowed books must be returned on or before the due date and over-due of Rs. 1/- per day shall be charged after the due date. 

    11. The borrower is responsible for damage or loss of books.
    12. Certain types of material, e.g. periodicals, newspapers, theses and reference items, are for use in the library only and are not to be taken away.

    13. In case of loss/damage of books borrowed by a user; the borrower shall have to replace the book with its latest edition. If the replacement is not done within 15 days, the defaulter will be charged as follows:-
            Two times the cost of the book, if the book is in print.
            Three times the cost of the book, if the book is out of print.
    If the book of a multi-volume set is lost, the member concerned shall have to replace the whole set or pay the cost of the.
    14. The user must pay the cost of seriously damaged book and also the fine to be fixed by the university.
    15. The physical condition of the book should be checked while borrowing a book. Mutilation of pages, if any, is to be brought to the notice of the circulation in-charge. Otherwise, the borrower himself/herself shall be responsible for mutilation of the book if detected afterwards.
    16. Underlining, marking, folding of pages, etc. in the book is strictly prohibited.
    17. The College Authorities reserve the right to suspend or delinquent membership of any member found misbehaving, abusing the library staff or behaving in an indecent manner.
    18. Any member caught tearing pages/stealing books or otherwise mutilating books will be suspended forthwith from using library facilities and further disciplinary action will be initiated against him/her by the college.
    19. The College Library reserves the right to recall any book from any Library member at any time.
    20. The loan period may be shortened by the Central Library if the books are of special demand.
    21. A book borrowed from the Library may be renewed for a further period provided a book is not in demand.
    22. Members leaving the library should stop at the exit so that the books borrowed or materials taken out of the library by them may be checked by the Library Gate-Keepers/Security Staff.
    23. College Authority may amend Library Rules and Regulations as and when necessary.
    24. The Library staff on duty has the authority to ask any member, who causes disturbance in the Library to leave.
    25. Photography, filming, videotaping and audio taping in the library is not allowed without the proper permission of the Authorities.
    26. A No Objection Certificate shall be issued to members only on returning all books borrowed, which would be compulsory for issuing the final marks/Degree certificates to the students.