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Bioresources is an innovative and multidisciplinary subject of life sciences that pertains to the study of plant, animal, and microbial resources. The subject aims at exploring the potential prospects of biological entities via various ecologically sustainable methods and processes for enhancing their utilization efficiency in meeting the basic needs of human life prevailing in the form of nutrition, health, and energy. The subject was introduced in the year 2022 and is currently taught as the major, minor, and multidisciplinary course at the undergraduate level. The theoretical classes of the course are taught in smart classrooms and the practical classes are demonstrated in coordination with the Department of Botany and in the well-equipped Central Instrumentation Facility (CIF) laboratory of the college campus. The department has one sanctioned post of Assistant professor that is filled by the permanent faculty. Moreover, the department is also assisted by non-teaching staff that is comprised of two laboratory assistants.

The undergraduate course in bioresources is formulated keeping in view the core issues that impact human society and the environment at large. The course thus has thrived to educate the undergrads about the dire need for biodiversity conservation and management, the use of environmentally safe methods for harnessing the maximum benefits from bioresources to mitigate global challenges like environmental degradation, and food and energy crises.


The department of Bioresources aims at developing the conducive environment of learning for the undergraduate students opting this course. The department focuses on promoting academic excellence and to induct the young minds about the theoretical and experimental knowledge of the subject so that they can be trained to face the future challenges in their academic journey.


To impart the knowledge and sensitize the students regarding the importance of sustainable technology and methods for the search and development of valuable products from the diverse biological resources that can promote the health and environment.


Mahak Majeed ZargarM.Sc.| NET-JRF | SRFAssistant professor (HOD)7889882584
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