Department of Environmental Science

About the department & the subject

With the planet earth facing the growing environmental problems and its repercussion on the survivalism of all the living forms. It has thus become imperative to inculcate the sense of responsibility among the humans to take care of the nature. It was for this reason that subject environmental science was introduced as Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC) at graduate level in colleges to infuse among the students environment mannerism and to enhance their ability for engaging them to play their part in restoring the environment to its balance.


The department is focused to work for in achieving higher ranks in teaching and maneuvering the skills of students in understanding and facing the challenges of environment at present and in coming times.


  • To work towards mobilising the students and community as a whole for restoring the environment balance and stability.
  • To conserve the natural resources and ensuring it’s utilisation in a sustainable sense.
  • To find scientific ways of overcoming the current Environment challenges
  • To carry out broader and efficient scientific research in field of environment science
  • To infuse in students a spirit of scientific temper and spirit of enquiry and reform
  • To effectively disseminate the Environmental knowledge and service to public at large.


Suhail Abdullah MalikM.Sc. | SETAssistant professor (HOD)9797055847
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