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Sericulture is both an art and science of raising silkworms for silk production. It also includes Mulberry cultivation as the silkworm, Bombyx mori L. is monophagous and feeds only on mulberry leaves. It is an agro based employment generating industry which provides an excellent opportunity for socioeconomic progress in the context of a developing country. The return from this activity is quick with a short gestation period. The technologies involved are also simple, easy to adopt and within the reach of a common man. Sericulture has the added advantage of having diverse activities and hence the entire family can get involved in the production process, creating employment and enhance income opportunities. Although sericulture is considered a subsidiary occupation, it is of paramount importance because of several advantages and entrepreneurship opportunities it offers.

Vision & Mission

The Department aims at understanding the discipline and promoting skill based education. An important goal of the department is to facilitate self-discovery in the students and ensure their enthusiastic and effective participation in responding to the needs and challenges of the contemporary world. The department intends to enable the students in developing skills and competencies required for the holistic development.


Dr. Ifat BashirPhDAssistant professor (HOD)Silkworm Pathology9697879157
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