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Year of establishment: 1956

The Department of Philosophy offers courses in Philosophy as part of the Undergraduate Programme of the University of Kashmir. The courses are so designed that students are introduced to a wide array of philosophical traditions and thoughts spread across centuries and continents. The courses are primarily foundational and aimed at inculcating critical thinking among budding scholars. Throughout human history, philosophers have sought an approach based on a rational investigation into reality and search for truth by starting rational queries from metaphysics to ethics by using different epistemological tools. The philosophical search for Being initiates with and through being as

Being is the source of being

Being reveals through being

I know Being through being


 The Department endeavors to encourage among students a sense of objectivity and freedom in their thoughts, together with inculcating logical consistency in thoughts and sound moral values.


Dr. Jaleel Ahsan ZargerPhDSG Assistant professor (HOD)9596396970
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