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About the department & the subject

Persian is a member of the Western Iranian branch of the Indo-European language family. It is spoken by about 110 million people, mainly in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan, and also in Uzbekistan, Iraq, Russia, and Azerbaijan. In 2009 there were about 60 million native speakers of Persian and another 50 million second-language speakers.

In Afghanistan, Persian is known as Dari (درى) or Dari-Persian, while in Tajikistan it’s known as Tajiki ( تاجيكى). Parisian language is written in Cuneiform, Phlavi, Manichaean, Avestan, Persian, Cyrillic, Nastaleeq, and Latin Scripts.

Under Mongolian and Turkish rulers, Persian was adopted as the language of government in Turkey, central Asia, and India, where it was used for centuries, and until after 1900 in Kashmir.

The Persian language remained the official language of Jammu and Kashmir for about 750 years. During this period, it influenced the culture, art, and regional languages of the state and due to which Kashmir is called “IRAN-E-SAGEER”.

Department of Persian was established in 1965 and the college was established in 1963. The Department had conducted many inter and intra-college activities, Quizzes, and cultural Programmers, and also Organized seminars and Guest lectures. It has been recorded that the department had also published Persian articles in college magazines namely WULUR from 1965 onward up to till date . Department had awarded BA degrees to hundreds of students in Persian.


  1.  To promote and preserve the Persian language and literature.
  2. To start project work on Persian Manuscriptology.
  3. To make the Persian language more job oriented by implementing new skill courses.
  4. Compilation of History of Kashmir written in Persian from Shamiris to contemporary times.



  1. The main vision of the department is to impart quality education at all levels of teaching like Persian Grammar, translation, language and literature of classical and modern prose & poetry, History of Persian, Modern  Spoken Persian and skills of Persian language and literature to enable the students to explore local, regional and global opportunities in the field of education as well as various spheres of economy.
  2. The departments also offer students for quality education in a 4-credit skill course in the 4th to 6th semester to enhance their listening, reading, writing and speaking skills of the Persian language.
  3. Department also offers  6- credit MIL Persian to  Non-Persian speakers and students from other streams to learn the essentials of the Persian language.
  4. To Organize National and International Seminars, conferences, workshops, projects to promote immense knowledge to the students about the Persian language and literature, history, culture, Sufism and Iran societies and cultures.
  5. To start  M.A, certificate course in Modern Spoken Persian, PG diploma in Modern Persian in the department.
  6. To establish a language lab in the department for the promotion of modern spoken Persian to Persian and non-Persian students.
  7. To establish a language lab in the department for the promotion of modern spoken Persian to Persian and non-Persian students.
  8. To start Project work of Translation Persian manuscripts into English, Urdu and Kashmiri languages, Persian manuscripts in modern Persian script.
  9. To start Project work of editing and evaluation with notes of Persian manuscripts in modern Persian script.


NameQualificationDesignationContact More
Dr. Wahid Ahmad SheikhMA (Persian) | MA (Sociology) | NET | JRF-SRF | PhDAssistant professor (HOD)7006085699
[email protected]
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Dr. Syed Muzamil MurtazaNET | PhDLecturer7889464233
[email protected]
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Course, Duration & Intake Capacity

Course BA
Duration 3 years
Intake 80 per semester

New Courses in NEP-2020

1 .  Persian Literature Major and Minor, intake capacity= 33
2.  Multidisciplinary Course, intake capacity= 33
3.  Ability Enhancement, intake Capacity= 33
4. Persian Skill Course, intake Capacity=40