The college understands that the current age is the age of information and technology. With the advent of new technologies, an institute that stays behind in embracing these technologies is likely to not achieve its set targets. With this thing in mind, the college is striving hard and putting the best leg forward to keep abreast of the present-day teaching methodologies that comprise and rely mostly on the use of smart gadgets such as smart screens, projectors, and online learning management systems, online admissions beside many others. The college has successfully installed smart screens in all the classrooms to enhance understanding and clarity. These smart screens can be used to display presentations, content from the web, and content saved on external devices such as flash drives. This found impetus in the era of COVID19. During this time, the college made judicious use of technology to impart education from distance. Use of platforms such as WISE app, ZOOM and Google Classrooms. As another feather to its cap, the college has its own learning management system in place to facilitate hassle-free teaching-learning and a dedicated online interactive portal

Institutional Distinctiveness