Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a free web service, developed by Google for schools, that aims to simplify creating, distributing, and grading assignments in a paperless way. The primary purpose of Google Classroom is to streamline the process of sharing files between teachers and students.

At Govt. Degree College Sopore, we have introduced Google Classroom to our students so that they remain connected and engaged during this pandemic which has effected most of the people worldwide. We have also shared contact numbers of your teachers so that you can get in touch with them directly, in case you need some help.


S No Department Name of Teacher Semester Class Code Cont. No Email
1 Psychology Prof. Shamsul Din 1st uizetve  9797794902 [email protected]
2nd 5ofqqwv
Prof Sajad Ahmad 5th aaagg4q 7006680171 [email protected]
2 Education Prof. Mudasir Ahmad 2nd 746cbrn 6006181694 [email protected]
5th loltocj
3 Chemistry Dr. Nasarul Islam 2nd (EC) 6d7e4aj 9419345723 [email protected]
2nd(TD) 5kuwbof
Dr Akhtar 2nd (OR-1) 2h7cuii 9622684406 [email protected]
2nd(OR-ii) on62w7g
Dr Bashir 5th(PC) attbtfo 8491828956 [email protected]
5th (GC) 6ly5tvg
4 Urdu Dr. Zahoor Ahmad 1st fhf7esn 9086805001 [email protected]
2nd (MIL) 6fwb731
2nd(URL) weorphs
Gh Rasool Dar 5th(URL) yhupdaa 7889922476 [email protected]
5th(skill) v4uiqbg
5 Geography Dr. Iqbal 1st. 1yxif5p 7006451419 [email protected]
2nd tgpc5vy
5th q2ccjsw
6th n7b4yze
6 Biotechnology Dr. Ajaz 2nd jjtia2w 7006143841 [email protected]
5th q4ujbxd
7 Botany Dr. Arshid 5th zbozx6y 7006426571 [email protected]
2nd zvozx6y
Prof Mushtaq 5th elihlxp 7006958783 [email protected]
2nd tfeayxy
8 Comp. Science Prof. Imran 5th 5mamn4k 7006746912 [email protected]
Prof. Rouf Ali 2nd 6w26bip 9018540633
9 Kashmiri Dr. Arif 1st xpkgya5 9797016277 [email protected]
2nd(lit) qyupa6a
2nd (MIL) 2uan7xb
5th (lit) dad2zm2
5th (skill) dsgz3z5
6th (Lit) 4vjrjz6
6th (skill) 7u5i3tv
10 History Dr Khalid 2nd tz2xnuc 9682327722 [email protected]
5th oifp4cu
6th 53k7ux4
11 Pol. Science Dr. Mehrajudin 5th 3januve 7006263749 [email protected]
Dr. Hilal 2nd fh3pufu 7889617297 [email protected]
4th 3suusha
12 Zoology Dr. Farooq Ahmad Mir 6th wrcxepx 9596330499 [email protected]
Dr. Tanveer 5th ovvsjmg 9596221779 [email protected]
Dr. Farooq 2nd vvzglgu 7006098007 [email protected]
13 BBA Prof Sajad 2nd bzbxxq7 [email protected]
5th 77xsari
Prof Adil Zahoor 2nd 5evqnqy 7006314959 [email protected]
5th xlkwppe
14 Arabic Dr. Nasir 2nd idh6x4v 9622481404 [email protected]
5th(skill) tqudghr
5th (core) szzgola
15 EVS Prof. Suhail 2nd elsy760 9797062991 [email protected]
16 Math Prof Firdous 2nd ga246wf
17 Social work Dr. Zahoor 2nd 62j4mcx 9906793223 [email protected]
5th nnjdqtf
18 Biochemistry Dr. Nissarul Ashraf 2nd xjo22wr 9906641492 [email protected]
5th xsarbv7
19 Geology Dr. Iqbal 2nd wnu7wwf 7006451419 [email protected]
5th 27wjksk
20 English Prof Idrees 2nd (ENGH) vl5oz5u 9906436326 [email protected]
Mohd Ashraf 2nd 5wvjn1 7006336580 [email protected]
5th(GE) qhvcxxk
5th (Lit) tu7dn4w
21 Sericulture Dr. Ifat Bashir 5th zj2omll 9622664473 [email protected]
22 Statistics Dr. Hilal 2nd j326f4d 9906799033 [email protected]
23 Economics Prof. Musavirul habib 1st ebz43ij 7006263749 [email protected]
2nd korve32
5th(PF) ogq42vx
5th (GE) jrjplry