JAM 2023 Examination: Online Application organized by IIT Guwahati

JAM 2023 is being organized by IIT Guwahati. JAM 2023 scores are used for admission to over 3000 seats in IITs and over 2000 seats in NITs and other CFTIs for various postgraduate programmes. JAM scores are also used by JNCASR, IIPE, IISER Bhopal and IISER Pune for admission to postgraduate programmes. Important dates for JAM 2023 are given below: 


Online Applications for JAM 2023 examination: September 7 – October 11, 2022  

Date of JAM 2023 Examination: February 12, 2023  


We request you to circulate this information and also to encourage your students to take up the appropriate examination. JAM 2023 poster has also been attached with this email. Additional details can be obtained from https://jam.iitg.ac.in  

JAM 2023 poster Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f1R7Cjb-9kTmII6JZkmloPZEuXOBQ1W_/view 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation to create awareness about JAM 2023 examinations in your institute.  


With best regards,  

Organizing Institute, JAM 2023 

Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
Website: https://jam.iitg.ac.in
Twitter: https://twitter.com/2023JAM
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2023jam
Phone: +91 361 258 6500

email: [email protected]